observIQ Announces General Availability of Open Source Observability Solution BindPlane OP

observIQ Announces General Availability of Open Source Observability Solution BindPlane OP

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., Aug. 11, 2022 — Open source telemetry innovator observIQ announces the general availability of BindPlane OP (observability pipeline), the first open source observability pipeline built specifically for OpenTelemetry. Enterprise-ready BindPlane OP provides the ability to control observability costs and simplify the management of telemetry agents at scale while avoiding vendor lock-in.

BindPlane OP addresses the growing challenge of increased data overwhelming the ability to meaningfully monitor the pipeline. It filters data, reducing the volume, for greater manageability and lowering the cost of unused data analytics. It also provides a single control plane for managing thousands of agents, with the ability to quickly deploy new agents, manage their configurations, and monitor their health in real-time.

A critical piece of an observability pipeline is the ability to augment telemetry by filtering, sampling, and enriching data easily. BindPlane OP supportsOpenTelemetry processors and metric toggling, unlocking full control of telemetry data.

BindPlane OP removes the need for proprietary agents with native support for OpenTelemetry. It offers over 50 total integrations – including: Windows; Linux; VMware vCenter and ESXI; MongoDB, Kafka; SQL Server; Microsoft IIS; Apache HTTP; and Zookeeper – and supports sending data to the most popular observability platforms.

The OpenTelemetry collector can be deployed to all hosts and start gathering metrics, logs, and traces immediately. BindPlane OP can also be deployed behind a firewall, without a connection to observIQ. It works with OpenTelemetry using the new OpAMP protocol for agent management, with continued expanded support to other OSS agents.

Quote from Mike Kelly, CEO of observIQ

“One of our guiding principles with BindPlane OP is to make it simple for users to instrument once and send anywhere. Enterprises are looking for a way to manage the flood of observability data available and need a vendor-neutral solution supporting a multitude of observability tools. BindPlane OP solves these challenges.”

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