Logit.io Launches Platform Release With Latest OpenSearch Features

Logit.io Launches Platform Release With Latest OpenSearch Features

Manchester, UK, 9 June 2023 - Logit.io, the popular observability platform for logging, metrics and tracing management, has announced today that users can now benefit from using the latest version of OpenSearch. This addition to the platform supports OpenTelemetry data schemas and unlocks an enhanced level of analytics and observability for their users. This release also includes improvements in threat detection for security analytics workloads, visualization tools, and machine learning (ML) models.

New OpenSearch Simple Schema

Using OpenSearch, users can access metrics, traces, and unstructured data originating from different sources, including logs, to power analytics and observability. OpenSearch's latest version introduces Simple Schema for Observability, a common, unified schema for data.

According to OpenTelemetry standards, the schema defines a structured definition for major analytics and observability signals, such as logs, traces, and metrics.

Using the updated schema, users can also create predefined dashboards and configurations based on common standards and formats. The move represents a significant step toward enabling telemetry data to be ingested, extracted, aggregated, and discovered.

"OpenSearch's latest version introduces Simple Schema for Observability, a unified schema for data that allows users to create predefined dashboards and configurations. It also supports Jaeger trace data analysis, enhanced security analytics, machine learning model health dashboard, and the ability to add maps to dashboards. With these features, OpenSearch is a powerful tool for organizations to continue to gain insights from their telemetry data." said Kieran Southern, Chief Product Officer, at Logit.io.

Analyze Jaeger Trace data

The OpenSearch Dashboards now support the analysis of trace data collected by Jaeger, a widely used open-source tool. Users can analyze traces using Jaeger data stored in OpenSearch Dashboards Observability, and switch between Data Prepper and Jaeger as the source of your trace data from the same user interface.

In OpenSearch, you can analyze Jäger trace data to identify any service issues by analyzing error rates and latencies, filtering traces, and reviewing span details.

Enhanced Security Analytics

Increasingly, OpenSearch users are using the platform to detect and investigate potential threats using security event log analysis. As a result of this demand, OpenSearch now offers an updated security analytics plugin for both OpenSearch and OpenSearch Dashboards. This plugin provides users with tools to identify attack signatures, create alerts from security findings, and visualize threat patterns.

As of the 2.4.0 release, Security Analytics for OpenSearch and OpenSearch Dashboards has been made generally available for production workloads. In order to detect potential security threats before they disrupt operations, this tool provides a variety of features. Featuring over 2,000 prepackaged Sigma security rules and support for several log sources, such as Windows, Netflow, DNS, and AWS CloudTrail, Security Analytics offers a comprehensive set of features. Furthermore, many detector types are now equipped with dashboards that show logs right from the start. With just one click, security findings can be viewed alongside surrounding documents.

View The Status Of Machine Learning Models

The newest edition of OpenSearch includes a new ML model health dashboard that shows the location and status of models within a cluster. In future releases, the ML Commons UI will be further developed to simplify the administration of semantic search deployments and other machine learning workloads.

Adding Maps To Dashboards

Recent enhancements to OpenSearch make it easier for users to input geographical data and visualize it with ease. Maps can now be added to dashboard panels in OpenSearch Dashboards. Previously, maps could only be created and displayed within the Maps plugin; now you can view and analyze maps within Dashboards.

Generate Reports Directly

In this latest version of OpenSearch, the OpenSearch Reporting CLI was released separately from the project's release cycle. With this CLI, you can generate and download OpenSearch Dashboard reports programmatically. Using the Reporting CLI, users can create reports in PDF, PNG, or CSV formats.

Biography: Logit.io ensures that logs, metrics, and traces are observable for engineers at companies like Maersk, Nikon, YourEDI, and Murphy Oil. Logit.io provides global monitoring and alerting tools for enterprise-level organisations and startups who wish to use the ELK Stack, OpenSearch, Prometheus, Grafana, and OpenTelemetry Protocols (OTLP) without incurring operational, maintenance and optimisation costs.


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