Logit.io Launch New ELK Stack Dashboard Layout

Logit.io Launch New ELK Stack Dashboard Layout

20-08-21 - Manchester based log and metrics management platform Logit.io are pleased to announce their new dashboard design which aims to assist cross-team collaboration for users that prefer to use multiple Stacks per account. 

ELK Stacks refer to each self-contained environment that a user wishes to host their data under, for example, an organisation might require separate Stacks if they wish to host log or metrics data for the security team who may have different configuration or alerting settings than what the development team may require.

Cybersecurity specialists, Sysadmins, Product owners, developers and CTOs may all have different requirements for using hosted ELK Stacks for logs and metrics analysis, so it is important that each department can have its own Stack with custom configurations and alerts definitions all within the same company account.

An organisation that uses a data analytics or management system such as Logit.io may also find it useful to have more than one Stack (or project) for improved security and role-based access control.

Logit.io have also introduced a range of features to make it easier for customers with a large number of Stacks on the platform, you can favourite the stacks you wish to see first or use the search field to easily find the specific Stack they are looking for, this is all personal to each user of the platform.

By using Logit.io across an entire business’s operations you can work to ensure compliance across any role that interacts with data as part of their responsibilities. The Logit.io platform operates in compliance with a number of leading standards including GDPR, ISO 27001, PCI, HIPAA and SOC2.

The Logit.io dashboard layout which has been recently redesigned for both single Stack & multi Stack views empowers users with improved visibility of available data sources, recent logs overview and surfaces a number of key endpoint details for easier setup and settings configuration.

Logit.io’s recent platform redesign is built with user experience (UX) in mind and as a result, displays all of their most popular features prominently.

This means that the actions that the majority of users perform with their data are now shown from the main dashboard and includes links to set up Alerts, Logstash pipelines, invite and manage users as well as view all Stack settings.

This new dashboard design is just one of the many platform upgrades that are coming to users soon as the team at Logit.io are launching a number of significant platform changes this year.

These enhancements are offered as part of Logit.io's increased effort to ensure that their users have all of the features they require to ensure complete analysis and management of their data whether it is created by systems, services, servers or applications.

“Logit.io is always striving to make it easier for our users to get actionable insights from their logging and metrics data.” said CEO, Lee Smith. “Our new Dashboard design has taken a further step forward while listening to feedback from our users. The goal was to remove the 'pain' points experienced and expose the rich functionality we provide.”

 “First, we made the changes to a limited number of customers, and this allowed us to refine and tweak the layout before we rolled it out to all customers. We have had positive feedback from everyone and we look forward to continuing to evolve the dashboard to further improve the experience.”

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Company Biography: Logit.io is used globally by thousands of users from public & private sector organisations to manage their logs and metrics for complete cloud observability, security and monitoring as well as data analytics and business intelligence.

Logit.io enables IT leaders at leading companies such as Maersk, IBM, Murphy Oil & Nikon to ensure complete observability of their operations and strengthen their security and alerting abilities.


Eleanor Bennett
Digital Marketing Specialist