Logit.io To Double Down On Their Commitment To Transparent Pricing, No Data Egress Fees & Zero Vendor Lock-In

Logit.io To Double Down On Their Commitment To Transparent Pricing, No Data Egress Fees & Zero Vendor Lock-In

10-08-21-Manchester, UK - ELK based log management platform, Logit.io announced today their intention to further raise awareness of the importance of full transparency for cloud-native observability platforms in regards to billing, egress and zero vendor lock-in.

At a time where many users of some of the biggest cloud services often struggle with cost management, Logit.io aims to be one of the few log and metrics management platforms that operate with transparency built-in. 

For users in the consideration stage looking at observability and monitoring platforms, it can be hard to figure out how much a service is going to cost you on a recurring and annual basis. 

This is especially accurate when many providers use terminology expecting you to calculate 1.4x the price displayed, often use fine print around additional charges and may even go as far as A/B testing what pricing they display for the same service! 

Logit.io is used by IT leaders in the public sector, across companies in the FTSE 500 and by a growing number of innovative startups due in part to their prioritising of transparency, security and compliance across a number of leading standards including ISO, HIPPA, SOC 2, GDPR & PCI.

As well as transparent and easy to understand billing, Logit.io wholeheartedly support the freedom of their users to send and receive data from the platform as part of their support for no data egress charges. 

This lack of data egress fees makes Logit.io far more cross-compatible for use with other complementary services commonly used alongside log and metrics management, for example, Domo (for business intelligence), Sentry & Rollbar (for error tracking).

Vendor lock-in is another key consideration that many users may overlook when considering looking for log management or SIEM providers. 

Vendor lock-in means that businesses who are unhappy with their chosen logging solution can't easily switch to another provider that meets all of their requirements without encountering significant costs related to switching platforms. 

Logit.io also does not implement vendor lock-in as they would rather have their users have a platform that meets all of their data analysis needs rather than stay due to being penalised with fees if they need to switch to a different service that more closely meets their requirements. 

In addition to the benefits cited above, Logit.io is one of the few service providers that does not charge additional fees for the processing of metrics. As long as metrics fit within current data allowances these will be processed alongside the rest of the user’s usual log data.

For an ELK backed solution built for SIEM, analysis, monitoring and a whole variety of other uses throughout the departments of many modern organisations, look no further than Logit.io for a transparent and compliant LaaS platform.

"As interest from organisations to move to SaaS observability and security platforms increases, transparency relating to billing, egress fees and vendor lock-in is a big concern," said Kieran Southern, CPO, at Logit.io. "With transparency built-in, we’re excited to bring to our customers predictable SaaS price plans making it simpler to manage your cloud service costs, with no unexpected data transfer fees or vendor lock-in often associated with other SaaS providers."

Experience log and metrics management with a difference with fully transparent billing & zero vendor lock-in from Logit.Io.

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About Logit.io:

Logit.io is used globally by thousands of users from public & private sector organisations to manage their logs and metrics for complete cloud observability, security and monitoring as well as data analytics and business intelligence. 

Logit.io enables IT leaders at leading companies such as Maersk, IBM, Murphy Oil & Nikon to ensure complete observability of their operations and strengthen their security and alerting abilities.


Eleanor Bennett
Digital Marketing Specialist