Hyperview Integrates RF Code Technology to Automate IT Asset Tracking

Hyperview Integrates RF Code Technology to Automate IT Asset Tracking

Austin, TX — August 30, 2023 — RF Code, a pioneer of automated, real-time physical asset lifecycle management and environmental monitoring solutions, today announced a strategic partnership with Hyperview, a leading cloud-based data center infrastructure management (DCIM) platform provider.

Easy to install and configure, RF Code’s asset tracking accuracy maximizes investments by eliminating wasteful hard costs, mitigating risks, and freeing up limited resources. The RF Code solution offering includes patented real-time, wire-free sensor technology integrated with RF Code CenterScape software, a simple and easy-to-use cloud-based asset management portal.

Through the partnership, Hyperview will implement RF Code’s intelligent software-enabled hardware to ensure 100 percent accurate asset tracking and chain of custody data in real time. The integration will allow Hyperview users to replace error-prone, manually generated asset location data.

“We know how crucial it is that our users can accurately locate and monitor their IT assets,” said Jad Jebara, president and CEO of Hyperview. “With the most accurate data from RF Code’s solution, we’re able to provide customers with the insight they need to become more efficient, streamline their operations, and know the exact location and status of their IT equipment, which allows them to cut costs, save time, and ultimately become more sustainable.”

The integration of RF Code’s intelligent asset tracking sensor network with the Hyperview DCIM platform allows enterprise data centers and colocation customers to have:

  • Total Visibility –RF Code’s active RFID sensor network eliminates row and rack level blind spots by tracking all critical IT assets on and off the network in real time.
  • Automation – by replacing costly, time-consuming, and error-prone manual inventory as well as audit processes with continuous, automated, and accurate asset visibility.
  • Hard Cost Savings – by reducing over-provisioning, improving data center staff efficiency, and ensuring that every IT asset is deployed and delivering value over a critical asset’s entire lifecycle.
  • Data-Informed Planning – With the ability to track all IT assets on and off the network anywhere in the data center, IT asset managers know where every asset is in real time and can make informed capacity planning decisions with 100 percent confidence.

“Several challenges arise when IT assets aren’t accurately accounted for, their location is unknown, or environmental conditions aren’t properly monitored,” said Dale Quayle, CEO, RF Code. “Integrating our active RFID asset tracking sensors and CenterScape software with Hyperview mitigates these risks by providing organizations with 100 percent accurate asset tracking—from loading docks and inventory to precise rack placement and decommissioning, our automated asset intelligence empowers these organizations to make real-time decisions with confidence.”

For additional information on how RF Code helps IT organizations better manage and monitor critical IT assets, see the latest white paper from IDC, ‘Automated Asset Management: Tools for a Digital-First Infrastructure’.

About RF Code

RF Code is an innovator of autonomous asset intelligence solutions. RF Code’s real-time, active RFID technology improves IT asset tracking accuracy, full asset lifecycle management, and inventory utilization at data centers and edge locations. Autonomous IT asset tracking and enhancement help RF Code customers eliminate manual error costs, optimize processes, maintain uptime, and comply with regulatory requirements. With patented wire-free active RFID sensors, open APIs, and real-time reporting capabilities, RF Code can be easily integrated with existing IT, facilities, and business systems.

RF Code is based in Austin, TX, and serves over 200 organizations worldwide including Fortune 500, systems integrators, and value-added resellers. Additional information can be found at www.rfcode.com.

About Hyperview

Hyperview is a leading cloud-based data center infrastructure management (DCIM) platform that empowers enterprises to optimize capacity, reduce power and energy consumption, lower costs, and avoid outages. The powerful and easy-to-use platform includes Asset ManagementEnergy Management, Power and Environmental Monitoring, Capacity Planning, and 3D Visualization. Learn more at www.hyperviewhq.com.

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