HAProxy Introduces General Availability of HAProxy Fusion Control Plane

HAProxy Introduces General Availability of HAProxy Fusion Control Plane

Waltham, MA, and HAProxyConf, Paris – November 9, 2022—HAProxy Technologies, the company behind the world's fastest and most widely used software load balancer, today announced the general availability of HAProxy Fusion Control Plane, which gives development and operations teams the power to simplify, scale, and secure their HAProxy application delivery infrastructure. With HAProxy Fusion, businesses can manage and monitor all their HAProxy Enterprise instances from a single UI or API, whether on-premises or in the cloud. The new centralized control plane makes it easier to extend HAProxy Enterprise's security and performance advantage across large and diverse organizations.

HAProxy Enterprise provides load balancing, acceleration, and web application firewalling that helps businesses to deliver modern apps that are highly available, fast, and secure. With the addition of HAProxy Fusion, HAProxy Enterprise customers can more easily build resilient geographically distributed infrastructure, highly secure APIs and applications, and efficient zero-touch workflows reducing the costs, risks, and complexity of scale.

"Businesses face the competitive challenges of scaling up, launching new products faster, and improving security and resilience," said Dujko Radovnikovic, CEO, HAProxy Technologies. "HAProxy Fusion makes large scale and velocity easy to manage. With central control across diverse and distributed environments, businesses can smooth digital transformation and the adoption of new technologies. Managing complex security and multi-location infrastructure becomes much simpler. We love seeing our customers benefit from Fusion's efficiency and high performance at scale."

HAProxy Fusion is the first native centralized control plane for HAProxy Enterprise. The experts behind the HAProxy load balancer provide authoritative and end-to-end support for HAProxy Fusion and HAProxy Enterprise. The API at the heart of HAProxy Fusion simplifies the integration of application delivery infrastructure with CI/CD tooling and processes. In contrast with third-party tools for centralized management and orchestration (MANO), HAProxy Fusion reduces complexity and provides easier access to HAProxy Enterprise's powerful features.

HAProxy Fusion provides unparalleled resilience and security for modern distributed applications, including the following features:

  • Full observability via unified application delivery logs, metrics, and reports in a single pane of glass;
  • Strengthened security and compliance with centralized policy, configuration validation, and powerful bot management;
  • Protection against human error and systems failure from role-based access control (RBAC), self-healing clusters, and robust recovery processes.

HAProxy also reduces costs caused by friction and bottlenecks. Operations teams can provide Load Balancing as a Service, helping businesses deliver faster, reducing time-to-market and the risks of "shadow IT." Development teams can automate the load balancing and security infrastructure they need programmatically.

Businesses that deliver applications using HAProxy Fusion and HAProxy Enterprise will provide end users with a fast and reliable experience and the highest standards in security to protect their transactions, personal data, and privacy.

"The release of HAProxy Fusion cements HAProxy Technologies as the creator of the world's top secure application delivery platform, enabling robust application security and high performance with a simple architecture," said Andjelko Iharos, Director of Engineering, HAProxy Technologies. "HAProxy Fusion Control Plane is the foundation for what will become a single pane of glass to manage the entire suite of HAProxy products. For the many businesses overwhelmed by the complexity and inefficiency of modern application delivery, HAProxy Fusion will cut through the noise to provide simplicity, scale, and security from edge to origin and the whole application lifecycle."

HAProxy Technologies announced the launch of HAProxy Fusion at HAProxyConf 2022 in Paris. The annual conference for the highly-active HAProxy community features expert speakers from across the open-source landscape presenting best practices and real-world use cases.

Attendees at HAProxyConf 2022 can see a demonstration of HAProxy Fusion in the Seine Room at the New Cap Event Center. Customers who want to evaluate HAProxy Fusion can request a free trial. Learn more about the HAProxy Fusion Control Plane.

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