HAProxy Enterprise Powers Reliability for I-Track Software's SaaS Platform

HAProxy Enterprise Powers Reliability for I-Track Software's SaaS Platform

Waltham, MA, December 13, 2023—HAProxy Technologies, the company behind the world's fastest and most widely used software load balancer, today announced that I-Track Software turned to HAProxy Enterprise to maintain uptime and continuity for their mission-critical SaaS platform. In a new case study, I-Track praised HAProxy Enterprise's simple implementation, reliability, performance, and security.

I-Track provides data-driven productivity for R&D, engineering, and production environments in high tech manufacturing. HAProxy Enterprise enables I-Track to maintain 24/7 uptime for their manufacturing execution software (MES) and lab information management software (LIMS), to meet the needs of clients that require round-the-clock operation. 

Reliability provides business confidence during uncertain times

When their previous load balancer and web application firewall (WAF) reached end-of-life, I-Track faced the disruption and uncertainty of an unplanned migration. They wanted a replacement that was simple to implement and would maintain the business's important reputation for SaaS reliability.

"If we suffer outages, we look like a small company – like we're not able to maintain things," said Ian Chizmar, CEO and Chief Architect, I-Track Software. "Reliable infrastructure is critically important and HAProxy's stability has been absolutely rock solid. I feel 100% confident we can grow without worrying about HAProxy Enterprise being able to keep up. It is very well built and very well optimized. You get it up-and-running and boom: there's not a whole lot of extra stuff you need to do."

Security customization puts HAProxy Enterprise ahead

I-Track needed robust and customizable security to safeguard the company's crucial reliability record. Chizmar wanted to control how good and bad traffic was identified and the response policies applied by the WAF, and have visibility into the operation and decision-making. I-Track selected HAProxy Enterprise in part because the included WAF met these stringent requirements.

"I have more control with the HAProxy Enterprise WAF than I would with a standard open source WAF," said Chizmar. "It's awesome and a big factor in why we chose HAProxy Enterprise."

Speed and simplicity enable digital transformation without friction

Teams responsible for the development, operation, and security of modern applications frequently struggle when implementing and scaling new load balancing solutions. HAProxy Enterprise's simple implementation and scalable performance enable customers to upgrade their critical infrastructure with less friction, and scale out efficiently and securely. 

I-Track's case study is representative of the typical customer experience, as shown by HAProxy's results in the G2 Fall 2023 Grid Reports, where HAProxy was named a Leader in the Load Balancer category and was awarded badges for Highest User Adoption, Best Results, and Best Relationship.

"We are incredibly proud of what customers such as I-Track Software achieve with HAProxy Enterprise," said Dujko Radovnikovic, CEO, HAProxy Technologies. "The level of reliability, performance, and security they get with HAProxy is only possible because of the unique way our products are engineered – combining community development and peer review with cutting-edge enterprise capabilities and integrations."

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