Best of mobile-device-management for Solutions with AirDroid Business

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Best of mobile-device-management for Solutions with AirDroid Business

Dec 17, 2022
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AirDroid Business Mobile Device Management Software-MDM

In recent years, the use of mobile devices in the enterprise has been increasing. Companies and their employees are using mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, to complete various operations. With telecommuting becoming a rigid requirement, mobile devices have become an integral part of most enterprises as an important tool to improve productivity and efficiency.

AirDroid Business is a verified MDM solution that is suitable for any kind of enterprise and has been used in the following industries - logistics, healthcare, IT & MSP, hospitality, etc.

AirDroid Business supports the following operating systems to manage devices. windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. browsers like Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox are also available. Its user-friendly management console makes device registration and management easy. AirDroid Business supports both cloud and on-premise deployments, providing flexible options for storing and protecting company data.

Targeted Businesses

The IT department of any small, medium or large enterprise with employees working with mobile devices can invest in MDM tools to manage, monitor and secure these devices.

Key Features of Mobile Device Management (MDM) Software

  1. Automated enrollment & configuration: Create a predefined device provisioning template to configure device enrollment. Once a device is registered, configurations such as grouping, device-specific restrictions, and applications to be installed, etc., will be automatically pushed and applied to the device. Easy steps to setup to get the devices into hands of the workers faster.
  2. Application management service(AWS): Enables administrators updates, releases, and maintenance the apps, reducing undesired issues.

c.Kiosk mode: Customize the display screen according to your needs especially important in digital signage and multimedia industrial; And enable to whitelist browsers & apps to ensure employees are correctly accessing specific websites & applications,lockdown screen and an exit code is provided to avoid unexpected mode off.

  1. Policy configuration: Create Policy configuration files and set up a series of configurations so every device can run in a certain rule according to your needs.
  2. Effortless monitoring Alerts & Workflows: Receive timely alerts when the system detects abnormal events and execute automated workflows to resolve problems immediately, boosting efficiency and reducing maintenance costs.
  3. Remote access and control: Remotely troubleshoot devices and solve them quickly; With the black screen mode, our patented technology enable a privacy mode during a remote session on Android devices.
  4. Security policy: Define a wide range of device policy settings such as USB file transfer restrictions and prohibit users from installing insecure apps, allowing your IT admins to protect corporate data security and prevent data leakage.
  5. Location tracker & Geofencing: Get the location of all the devices and set auto triggers if the device is not in set range, such as remote wipe data.

Check out this 14-day free trial that allows you to use all the features.

Benefits of Mobile Device Management (MDM) Software

Affordable Android device management for small businesses, save costs, and achieve more with AirDroid Business. With AirDroid Business MDM, you get an all-in-one device management and remote access solution at an affordable price. Whether it's one person or a small team, AirDroid Business is designed to streamline your IT operations and achieve more productivity.

Designed for large enterprises with an Android mobile device management platform, AiDroid Business creates a unified, scalable platform for enterprises with a growing number of Android devices. Your devices are at the center, and every operation and application will be seamlessly integrated.

  • Resolve customer equipment problems instantly and remotely
  • Save on overhead while achieving higher productivity
  • Reasonable pricing for flexible growth
  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • One solution and one provider for all your needs
  • Device management, remote monitoring and reporting for large deployments
  • Security and reliability for customers and employees
  • Add-ons designed to deliver more value to your devices and services

With a proven mobile device management MDM platform, IT and security departments are no longer limited by device type or operating system and can easily manage all of a company's devices. An effective MDM platform provides security for all devices, while ensuring employee flexibility and productivity.