Tega Cay, SC, USA
Aug 28, 2018   |  By Lawrence Young
Email arrives constantly; when we’re in the office or “on the go”. More than occasionally a new email might be briefly overlooked if we’re working another task or it just gets lost in the “noise”. Whatever the case, they don’t always get the attention that an incoming text message might.
Aug 27, 2018   |  By Lawrence Young
Continuing deeper exploration of some of our exciting new features, today I’ll be presenting Notification Attachments and demonstrating how your status page can, once again, hopefully make your job a little easier. We recently had a customer ask: “Is there a way to show a maintenance page instead of [just] an icon if the web services are down?”.
Aug 17, 2018   |  By Lawrence Young
As you may be aware, we recently rolled out some exciting new features to your off-site status page. In the coming weeks, I’ll be highlighting some of these and taking a closer look at how each may be used to enhance your experience with StatusKeeper and hopefully make your job a little easier.
Apr 20, 2018   |  By Joanne Spataro
Whether there’s a crisis or scheduled maintenance on your servers, you need to keep your customers informed during these down times. Instead of using multiple tools in your crisis management process, your IT team can use one platform. Status pages can solve multiple issues in one location instead of using your web page, email, phone and ticket system to notify customers. This also helps to let them know about maintenance updates before they happen.
Mar 19, 2018   |  By Joanne Spataro
During a server outage, your IT team can feel pulled in two different directions: First, having to communicate with customers about the issue and second, fixing the actual problem. Since you want to keep your customers informed while working to resolve the issue, there’s a solution tailored to your team: A status page can help you communicate while keeping pages updated with specific, clearly-written automated messages.
Aug 7, 2018   |  By StatusKeeper
The status communication platform that helps IT teams manage their customer communications.