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FutureNet Asia Fireside Chat: The Journey to Cloud-Native

What does the future of networks look like? The Keynote Fireside chat at Future Net Asia 2022 with Rakuten SVP & Global Head of Telco Cloud Vivek Chadha demystifies the cloud-native paradigm, with discussions on pertinent topics, such as the increased adoption of 5G cloud-native networks; the brand new possibilities that Edge opens up for AI/ML use cases beyond 5G and Open RAN; optimizing control vs costs in public and private cloud set-ups, and more. Featuring moderator Aaron Boasman-Patel, Vice President AI, TM Forum.

Hyperscaling the open-RAN ecosystem, exploring virtualized open-RAN and cloud-native deployment

Partha Seetala, President, Cloud BU, Rakuten Symphony, joins a panel of industry experts to discuss how providers can leverage the strengths of cloud-native virtualized ORAN to build next-generation multi-vendor networks.

How Kuberenetes is shaping a cloud native future for operators

Leveraging Kubernetes to modernize application infrastructures presents several opportunities. Learn more about how Kubernetes is offering complete automation with reduced human intervention and shaping a cloud-native future. Executive Speakers: Ravi Alluboyina - Vice President of Engineering, Robin.io, A Rakuten Symphony Company David Lu - VP, Software Defined Networking Platforms and Systems, AT&T

Robin io Webinar Simplifying Kubernetes Storage and Data Management For DevOps

As container and Kubernetes adoption grows, developers and DevOps teams are expanding the use cases beyond stateless applications to stateful applications in order to drive operational consistency, extend the agility of containerization to data, gain faster collaboration, and simplify the delivery of data services. However, when it comes to provisioning storage for complex stateful applications that span multiple pods and services, careful storage management and day-to-day data management capabilities and expertise are critical requirements.

The Cloud Native Telco | FutureNet World

Operators are waking up to the benefits of cloud-native, which overcomes the fundamental limitations of software-driven virtualization. An opinionated stack, cloud-native forces vendors to build the deployment models of their network functions in a certain way, shifting the power back to the hands of operators. Hear from industry leaders as they reveal groundbreaking insights in this FutureNet World panel discussion in London. Featuring Partha Seetala, President, Cloud BU, Rakuten Symphony.

Demystifying the complexity of cloud-native 5G network functions deployment using Robin CNP

Some of the key requirements as operators deploy #telecom data centers include managing their NFs in a cloud-native world to achieve low-latency and high throughput for #5G applications, meeting scalability targets, achieving bare-metal performance without virtualization overheads, and so on. Robin’s #CloudNative Platform solves various challenges associated with #5G CNF deployments, along with delivering the convenience of zero touch automation, multi-cloud portability, and hyperscale orchestration.

Robin.io wins Automation Solution Award | FutureNet World Awards 2021

Robin.io was named the winner of the Automation Solution Award at the 2021 FutureNet World Awards. Considering the illustrious group of finalists, the award recognition validates Robin’s efforts to provide operators with software solutions that provision network capacity, automate service delivery and reduce operating costs.