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Telecom Review Leaders' Summit 2020 Panel Discussion - Wholesale and Capacity

The 14th Telecom Review Leaders' Summit 2020 Panel Discussion – Wholesale and Capacity: Managing the Explosion of Data Traffic discussion covers how the wholesale and capacity industry played a major role amid COVID-19, the impact of the pandemic on data traffic, challenges brought about by COVID-19 and more.

Console Connect IoT connectivity service

PCCW Global Console Connect IoT service is to address challenges in deploying IoT connectivity by offering unified integration through our software defined network, which supports digital transformation and development of new business models and offerings. Billions of IoT devices can be connected, helping you stay relevant to your customers and grow new revenues while helping your customers gain a competitive advantage.

Console Connect by PCCW Global - Software Defined Interconnection

The world of business has changed, so we’ve changed everything - with Software Defined Interconnection®. Putting you in complete control. Console Connect takes your business through the multi-cloud online world, with ease. All with a simple to use platform, that makes this, feel like this.. Connect anything directly to anything or everything. In ways and to places you’ve never been able to before. Gain access to one of the world’s most advanced, robust, global networks.

Console Connect by PCCW Global Case Study | Hong Kong Tourism Board

Console Connect by PCCW Global is dedicated to helping broadcasting organisations overcome the barriers and complexity of connecting their business critical applications. See how we enabled Hong Kong Tourism Board to scale up and down on-demand easily and how the benefits of Console Connect allowed them to attract the best talent and increase an ever wider audience. VR and higher resolutions mean more bandwidth and lower latency for the wider ecosystem of broadcasters and streaming organizations and Console Connect is here to support you.