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November 2023

Validate JSON files against schema in Azure DevOps build

JSON files have become part of our daily lives. We use JSON files for all sorts of tasks like settings, defining database schemas, and much more. The other day I found out that invalid JSON files had been pushed to one of our repositories. So, I decided to include JSON file validation as part of our build on Azure DevOps. In this post, I'll share the solution. I'm sure you can think of a scenario where invalid JSON files either do not parse as valid syntax or don't conform to the intended format.

Setting up better logging in Azure Functions

We have been using Azure Functions for years. Being able to easily deploy and run code on both Azure App Services and real serverless has been a killer feature for all of our asynchronous jobs and services. Unfortunately, the logging approach provided as part of the default template is not ideal. In this post, I'll introduce you to the first steps we take in all of our existing and new function apps to improve logging. A quick note about the Azure Functions runtime.