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May 2023

Platform.sh is now using annual carbon intensities from Electricity Maps

One of the value propositions of Platform.sh is to offer greener hosting. By choosing cloud hosting instead of on-premise hosting, you are selecting a greener way to host your applications and websites. In addition, when creating a project, you have the option to choose the greenest region to host it. How?

How container networking works at Platform.sh

At Platform.sh, we run containers. Lots and lots of containers. On hundreds of virtual machines rented from various IaaS providers. These containers run your software. They also team up with other containers that run other software that your software depends upon (such as databases or caches). This is naturally an extremely complex system, and today we'll take a look at how we wire (most of) it up.

What does the future of ecommerce hold? A deep dive with Adobe and Platform.sh

Our VP, Enterprise Alliance Manager, Jeries Eadeh sat down with Nicole Cornelson, Head of Adobe Commerce Engineering, at the 2023 Adobe Summit in Las Vegas to chat about our Adobe Commerce partnership, look back over the past year, and look forward to what the future holds for Adobe Commerce.

What is WebOps & How it Scales your Websites

If your organization is managing several websites, you’ll understand the challenges involved in keeping everything updated and running smoothly. Deployment, modification, and approval are time-consuming tasks—but the WebOps approach means they don’t have to be. So, what exactly is WebOps, and how does it help you scale your websites? Read on to discover more and learn how Platform.sh can help.