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April 2023

Platform.sh as a SaaS development and management platform

The Software as a Service (SaaS) model operates by treating each customer as a tenant of the application. To use the SaaS application, each tenant is usually required to pay a subscription. There are three main tenancy models for a SaaS application: In this article we'll focus on specific challenges brought about by the single-tenant model, including developing, deploying, and keeping up-to-date several instances of the SaaS application.

Now you can forward logs to external endpoints from within the Console!

Our aim, like always, is to help users thrive. We want them to receive real value from all that we deliver through our various features. And it’s equally important to offer flexibility by providing all different ways to use those features. This way, you’re free to use the feature in the way that's most convenient. Driving this vision of ours, well, forward, we have now extended our Logs Forwarding experience from CLI to within the Console.

Greater organization insights through weekly activity reports emails

Keeping track of your project-related activities can be an overwhelming task. With so many projects, tickets, users, and deployments happening simultaneously, having a clear and simple high-level overview of your entire organization is a very welcome addition to any team. That’s why we’ve created our Weekly Organization Activity Reports which will help to keep you on top of changes across various Projects within your organization.