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March 2023

Iterate faster with Improved Cancelable Activities

Just the other day I was working on a side project. As we sometimes tend to do, I began on the production branch thinking to myself, “I’ll move this to the feature branch before I push”. Of course, as we tend to do, I forgot that I was working from the production branch and git push’ed—triggering a production deployment. I’d have loved to be able to abort that deployment at that moment.

Centralized user management has arrived at Platform.sh

Securely managing the people who have access and permissions to each of your applications can get very confusing, very fast for administrators. That’s why we’re delighted to be introducing centralized user management for all Platform.sh users which was designed to solve this exact problem. Ready to find out more? The answers are just one play button away in our demo video below.

Observability from Development to Production with Platform.sh Observability

With Platform.sh and Blackfire.io monitor, profile and test your application even before it is released in production. Get actionable insights to improve your code rather than spend time figuring out what’s wrong. Ensure optimal performance and user experience for your web applications.