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July 2023

Densify Talks, Automated Cloud Instance Selection with Josh Hilliker from Intel

On this episode of Densify Talks, Josh and Andrew discuss automated instance selection and the importance of letting machines make the resource decisions as cloud environments scale. Speaking from the perspective of a hardware manufacturer, Josh offers unique insight into some of the criteria that affect the performance and cost of hosting apps in the cloud, and how to leverage “optimization as code” to automate the optimization process.

Kubernetes Optimization: Focus on the Highest Impact Actions

The ’80-20’ Rule Applied to Kubernetes Optimization. Watch this 20-min session to hear Densify’s experts discuss strategies for optimizing Kubernetes environments while minimizing the required work. During this session Densify will present an analysis of a large scale Kubernetes environment showing how 80% of optimization savings can be achieved by focusing on 20% of the container deployments.