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October 2021

Forecasting Kubernetes Costs

The benefits of containerizing workloads are numerous and proven. But, during infrastructure transformations, organizations are experiencing common, consistent challenges that interfere with accurately forecasting the costs for hosting workloads in Kubernetes. Planning the proper reservations for CPU and memory before migrating to containers is a persistent issue Densify observes across our customers.

Bulletproofing Your Kubernetes Build

Most containers, pods, and namespaces in Kubernetes and OpenShift have been deployed with incorrect CPU and memory resource specifications. It isn’t just suboptimal DevOps—it’s dangerous from a service delivery perspective. Watch and see how managing capacity operationally prevents pods from swallowing unused capacity, frees nodes, and keeps the OOM killer away. This bulletproof strategy for maximizing utilization continuously integrates the optimal resources into the source code controlling your nodes and clusters.