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December 2020

Cloud Cost Optimization & DevOps

See how leading enterprises are achieving continuous, DevOps-driven cloud and container cost. Our DevOps experts detail methods for embedding cloud cost optimization into DevOps pipelines, demo an extensible, best practice DevOps pipeline supporting continuous cloud FinOps, and showcase case studies of advanced enterprises successfully augmenting their DevOps to embrace systemic optimization.

How to Maximize Cost Savings with AWS Savings Plans

To allocate costs or maximize savings? That’s the question many AWS customers will have to answer when formulating their FinOps strategy relating to Savings Plans. If part of your daily routine is finding ways to cut cloud costs, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. Appropriate chargeback reporting is an undeniable necessity for any business, but in this world of uncontrolled rising cloud costs, so is capitalizing on any savings opportunities!