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April 2022

[Live Webinar] Achieving Multi-Datacenter High Availability with HAProxy ALOHA and GSLB

HAProxy ALOHA is a load balancer that’s ideal for companies in search of high performance and ease of use. It comes as either a hardware appliance or a virtual appliance and provides load balancing of TCP, UDP and HTTP traffic, DDoS protection, and active-active clustering. One of its newest features is the ability to distribute traffic across multiple datacenters or regions through global server load balancing(GSLB).

April/2022 - CVE-2022-22965: Spring4Shell Remote Code Execution Mitigation

Recently, a Remote Code Execution vulnerability was discovered in the Java Spring Core library. This vulnerability allows attackers to execute arbitrary code on affected systems. You can find more information on that vulnerability in the announcement on the Spring Blog. While HAProxy Enterprise, HAProxy ALOHA, and other products within the HAProxy Technologies portfolio are not impacted by this (they do not use the Spring Core library at all), you can use our products to mitigate the attack.