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May 2020

HAProxyConf 2019 - HAProxy Go Packages Ecosystem with Marko Juraga

This presentation will describe how Go and other developers can integrate with HAProxy via the HAProxy Data Plane API and it’s packages. We will explain the motivation behind this new product and provide an overview of how we used the OpenAPI specification, including how models and server stubs are generated using go-swagger. We will delve deeper with describing client-native and config-parser packages and explain how and when to use them, by showing how we use them in our HAProxy Kubernetes Ingress Controller. We will also briefly touch on how you can contribute to these projects.

HAProxy Go Packages Ecosystem

Under the hood, the HAProxy Data Plane API and the HAProxy Kubernetes Ingress Controller are powered by a shared set of Go libraries that apply changes to an HAProxy configuration file. In this talk, Marko Juraga describes how these libraries are developed and invites you to use them in your own projects when you need to integrate with HAProxy. Watch Marko’s presentation video or read the transcript below. Explore more HAProxyConf 2019 talks in our User Spotlight Series.

HAProxyConf 2019 - HAProxy Process Management with William Lallemand

Process management in HAProxy has evolved since the beginning of the project; With the advent of new init systems and process managers, managing HAProxy processes became complicated due to the multi-processes architecture of the project. The Master Worker mode simplifies the process management and introduces interesting features. This talk will briefly review the history of the Master Worker mode and the new features it brought.

HAProxy Process Management

In his HAProxyConf 2019 presentation, William Lallemand (Senior HAProxy Developer) shows how process management in HAProxy has evolved since the beginning of the project; With the advent of systemd, new techniques had to be developed so that users could reload HAProxy safely. The Master-Worker mode simplifies the management of HAProxy processes and introduces interesting features.

Announcing HAProxy Data Plane API 2.0

Version 2.0 of the HAProxy Data Plane API brings some exciting enhancements that unlock the power of HAProxy’s flexible configuration and its runtime capabilities. The HAProxy Data Plane API, which lets you manage your HAProxy configuration dynamically using HTTP RESTful commands, has marked a major milestone with the release of version 2.0. This release emphasizes the runtime aspects of HAProxy, giving you the ability to manage map files, stick tables, peers, DNS resolvers and more.

HAProxyConf 2019 - Programmatic HAProxy Configuration Using the Data Plane API with Chad Lavoie

This presentation will provide an overview of the new Data Plane API, which you can use to configure your load balancer using HTTP REST commands. You will learn how to get started and how to build tools to work with it. You will also learn how to configure a frontend/backend and modify a configuration using the API.