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April 2020

HAProxyConf 2019 - RTL's Journey to Kubernetes with HAProxy with Vincent Gallissot

In 2018, we migrated several video-on-demand/replay platforms from on-premise to the AWS cloud. HAProxy was the key to this migration, allowing us to move safely and without any downtime. We’ll take a deep dive through the configuration used to secure our migration, highlighting aspects such as our use of the “observe layer7” keyword. I’ll also cover how we use GOReplay to replicate traffic and our use of the HAProxy Ingress Controller in front of our Kubernetes clusters.

HAProxyConf 2019 - Building a Service Mesh at Criteo with Consul and HAProxy by Pierre Souchay

At Criteo, we have been working on building a tight integration between HashiCorp Consul and HAProxy. In this talk, we will explain how we provision our HAProxy instances dynamically using Consul Connect, a new service mesh technology that allows HAProxy to talk to its peers from machine-to-machine without a traditional load balancer. We will detail how we are able to create a service with DNS, add load balancing, and configure SSL certificates in mere seconds. Since Criteo is working actively on enabling HAProxy with Consul Connect, we will explain the challenges of scaling Service Mesh architectures for large infrastructures.