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April 2021

Integrating a Cloudsmith repository with a Harness CD pipeline

In this blog, we will walk through the process of configuring a private Cloudsmith repository as an artifact source for a Harness Continuous Deployment pipeline. Harness is a Continuous Deployment platform that allows you to easily automate the deployment of your software to your infrastructure and environments.

Collision 2021 - Securing Software Pipelines with Continuous Packaging

Building automation and security into software supply chains requires packaging source code, dependencies and containers into logical, versioned units. But, in 2021, how engineers package their software is more vital than ever, requiring a serious refresh with a name befitting its focus on security within the cloud. We call it Continuous Packaging. Now on-demand, watch our talk from Collision Conference 2021 where we explored Continuous Packaging and how it can help secure your delivery pipelines, from development through to deployment.

Thoughts On the Codecov Breach

It was revealed just a few days ago that US Federal investigators are looking into an intrusion and insertion of malicious code into Codecov. As many readers here will already know, Codecov is a software auditing tool that analyses your source code to check for the amount of test coverage. The intrusion targeted the Codecov bash uploader, which is a script that provides a way to send coverage reports to Codecov.