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September 2020

Restore authority with Token Bandwidth Controls!

Now you can go beyond measuring your bandwidth usage and regain control via Cloudsmith's new bandwidth controls for Entitlement tokens. You can craft tokens with individual usage limits using the UI, API, and CLI, allowing you to decide the exact level of usage for each token. Combining the new and existing limits for entitlement tokens, allowances are configurable to provide fine-grained control for any combination of properties.

Monitor your Package Activity and Save on Storage!

With the introduction of the Package Activity API and accompanying CLI command, you can now quickly and easily check your entire repository for packages' activity status or even take a detailed approach and view packages individually (per day/per package). You can save on your storage costs by eliminating inactive packages and retaining only the packages you or your users derive value from storing and distributing via Cloudsmith.

Repository Webhooks: Notifications for DevOps

Webhooks, so what are they good for? Well, quite a lot as it turns out! Webhooks are great for integrating Cloudsmith with other systems that you use, by sending data or notifications to other tools in your stack and helping to enable automation across your workflows. I know what you’re thinking, this sounds a lot like an API right? Well, not quite. Webhooks are almost like a sibling of an API call. So, what’s the real difference?