Securing SD-WAN in a Cloudy World

Securing SD-WAN in a Cloudy World

May 13, 2022

Today’s cloud-first enterprise must securely connect their workers to their applications, no matter where their applications may live. Only by transforming both the WAN edge and security architectures can the full promise of the cloud be fully realized. SD-WAN is your opportunity to re-architect, design and build a network that’s secure and fit for the future. Teneo Inc. and Silver Peak can help to make this a clear reality in our cloudy world.

During this video from a recent keynote presentation at the ISSA conference, Steve Evans, SVP of Solutions Engineering, Teneo Inc., and John Campbell, Senior Systems Engineer, Silver Peak will share with you the challenges and considerations other organizations have faced based on our years of technical SD-WAN and security knowledge and real-life design and deployment experience. Learn more about Teneo Inc. and Silver Peak’s solution that enables Silver Peak’s Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect™ SD-WAN to deliver an agile, dynamic, reliable network while easily integrating your existing security in a best of breed approach. Our solution is business-driven so business priorities are reflected in the way the network behaves to deliver the highest quality of experience in a secure environment.

Teneo Inc. and Silver Peak will your answer questions in regards to securing SD-WAN in a cloudy world including:

How should I go about integrating security into SD-WAN?
What security challenges come with an SD-WAN environment?
How can I get the best in breed SD-WAN, WAN-OP, and security solutions?