Research Report Observability at the Speed of Innovation 2022

Research Report Observability at the Speed of Innovation 2022

IT innovation is happening at a record pace. With today’s complexities, you need deep insights into your IT environment—more than traditional monitoring tools can provide. Enter modern observability, a critical application. Observability moves beyond monitoring to help teams understand what is actually happening in the system by bringing together and correlating information from all layers of your IT stack. Observability gives teams deeper, more actionable insights into both the state of a system and the reasons for its behavior.

In this webinar, you will hear four observability experts discuss the results of a major survey about observability, including:

  • Respondents' goals for observability initiatives and their outcomes
  • Common struggles teams encounter as they look to adopt observability
  • The application of AIOps for observability initiatives
  • The four levels of observability maturity and how to map your organization's maturity level

Featured panelists are:

  • Dan Kirsch, Analyst, Techstrong Research
  • Sharon Florentine, Techstrong Group
  • Sarunas Jankevicius, Danske Bank
  • Andreas Prins, StackState

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