Komodor & Rookout Meetup: Kubernetes Survival Kit

Komodor & Rookout Meetup: Kubernetes Survival Kit

Jun 29, 2022

***This panel was recorded live at our K8s Meetup in Tel Aviv, on December 29th, 2021***

Kubernetes is taking over the world of software development. By making it so easy to build and orchestrate containers, Kubernetes has enabled epic-scale software for every company.

However, when it comes to developing and maintaining that cloud-native software, things get (pretty!) complicated. Service-mesh architectures are fairly new and many key Kubernetes contributors are keeping those elements of the stack close to heart. You also have to consider day 2 operations, Kubernetes best practices, and choosing best-of-breed tools for debugging and troubleshooting.

So how do you survive working with Kubernetes?

In this panel, you'll hear from some top Kubernetes experts who will dive into the challenges of developing and maintaining software for Kubernetes, the tips, tricks, and tools you can use to overcome the complexity of Kubernetes, and how to ensure continuous reliability and spend less time troubleshooting.

Panel Members:

  • Julia Shub, the host, DevOps Lead at Lawgeex
  • Guy Menahem, Solution Architect at Komodor
  • Gilad Shapira, Software Engineer at Rookout
  • Liri Sokol, DevOps Lead at Apiiro
  • Tomer Hassidi, Head of Strategy at Spot by Netapp