GitOps workflow with ArgoCD, Crossplane, and Shipa

GitOps workflow with ArgoCD, Crossplane, and Shipa

Aug 12, 2021

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This online workshop covered:

  • How to install and configure ArgoCD, Crossplane, and Shipa on a Kubernetes cluster.
  • How to define a GitOps workflow for application controls and governance policies
  • How to improve the GitOps developer experience as part of the workflow with an integrated developer platform like Shipa.

00:00:00 Intros
00:03:13 GitOps Definition
00:07:37 GitOps Challenges
00:10:25 Architecture Used
00:13:30 Workshop Goals and Resources
00:16:17 Architecture Overview
00:18:35 Installing Shipa Provider
00:25:43 Installing ArgoCD
00:30:45 Creating Shipa Frameworks
00:41:33 Connecting Clusters
00:47:11 Deploying an Application
00:51:37 Application Management Dashboard
00:53:08 Application Network Policy
00:55:49 Drift Detection
00:56:18 Q&A