Crossplane and Shipa Webinar

Crossplane and Shipa Webinar

Dec 7, 2021

Learn in this Shipa Webinar how to leverage Crossplane to create a GKE Cluster then enforce/manage/deploy an application leveraging Shipa.

Similar to the Terraform approach, Shipa and Crossplane can be integrated [abstracted] together. Crossplane can create all of the necessary objects that are needed for Shipa Cloud to be wired into additional Kubernetes clusters. Even if this is your first time using one or both of these platforms, this example is geared towards you.

101 Blog:

Bruno Andrade
Ravi Lachhman

0:00 Start

11:00 Building an Application Platform

20:15 Demo Intro

23:20 Wiring GCP Account and GKE Creation in Crossplane

30:30 Intro to Shipa Crossplane Wiring

45:35 Deploy an Application with Shipa and Crossplane into Kubernetes

55:15 Wrap-up, Dev Experience [DX], and Questions