Make DevSecOps So: Cloud Enterprise+ on AWS Marketplace

JFrog is pleased to announce that our comprehensive Cloud Enterprise+ plan is now available on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace through Private Offers. JFrog Cloud Enterprise+ on AWS is a universal, highly-available SaaS offering of the JFrog Platform for demanding DevSecOps at global scale.


Oracle and KPMG Urge the Adoption of DevSecOps in 2020 Cloud Threat Report

Oracle and KPMG recently issued their 2020 Cloud Threat Report that identifies the key security risks and challenges organizations are faced with as they implement and manage cloud solutions. The joint cloud and threat security report revealed a shift in attitudes towards cloud security, with 75% of respondents viewing the public cloud as more secure than their own data centers.


How to Move from a DevOps Approach to a DevSecOps Approach

DevOps and traditional security have historically operated with different schools of thought. In the past, security was seen as a hindrance to the DevOps process and the role of security was left to address at the end of an applications life cycle. But now, there’s a way to make security a part of your DevOps process without reducing speed or scalability – with the adoption of DevSecOps.

Universal Artifact Management and Security Scanning - DevSecOps with JFrog Cloud ProX

Are you ready to deliver higher quality releases more quickly, efficiently and securely? In this webinar you will learn how to accelerate your delivery, with confidence. We will demo how JFrog Cloud ProX combines all the benefits of Artifactory Universal Repository Manager, with JFrog Xray - for integrated security vulnerability scanning & license compliance.

Enable Global DevSecOps with Cloud Enterprise and Xray on AWS

When software can travel around the globe at the speed of the cloud’s gusts, enterprises need to be extra certain the updates they release are safe for customers to use. If an app built in Palo Alto uses a vulnerable package from Belgrade, losses can ripple from Sheboygan to Shanghai. At JFrog, we believe enabling global DevSecOps in the cloud should be an easy process.


DevSecOps for the Public Sector

It’s not uncommon for government entities to look to tech leaders in the private sector for trends and technologies. Specifically, the Department of Defense (DoD) has made a concerted effort to modernize software development processes and tool acquisition. In this article, we will reference two 2019 reports created to guide the DoD’s DevSecOps implementation and ongoing success.