HAProxy Extends Competitive Advantage in G2 Summer 2023 Grid® Reports

HAProxy Extends Competitive Advantage in G2 Summer 2023 Grid® Reports

WALTHAM, Mass., July 27, 2023 -- HAProxy Technologies, the company behind the world's fastest and most widely used software load balancer, today announced it had been named a Leader across six categories in the G2 Summer 2023 Grid Reports. The Leader designation signifies that HAProxy has earned best-in-class ratings by verified customers for both customer satisfaction scores and market presence in the six categories.

In the Momentum Grid® Report for Load Balancing, HAProxy extended its lead over competing solutions with a score of 73, an incredible 16 points ahead of the nearest competitor. HAProxy continues to distinguish itself as the users' clear choice with an exceptional Satisfaction Score of 98 – beating the other category Leaders by 43 points.

"Looking at the reviews that drove HAProxy to the top of G2's rankings, it's humbling to see so many positive testimonies from users who rely on us for the performance and reliability of their applications," said Dujko Radovnikovic, CEO, HAProxy Technologies. "What's really exciting is the momentum behind HAProxy's success. Since last quarter's reports were published, the reviews have doubled in number and in the load balancing category carry a near-perfect satisfaction score. The market is really seeing the unique value HAProxy provides to enable simple, scalable, and secure application delivery."

G2 Recognizes HAProxy's Leadership in Load Balancing and Application Security
G2, a leading aggregator of user reviews and product ratings, named HAProxy a Leader in the following categories:

  • Grid® Report for Load Balancing
  • Momentum Grid® Report for Load Balancing
  • Mid-Market Grid® Report for Load Balancing
  • Momentum Grid® Report for Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • Grid® Report for DDoS Protection
  • Momentum Grid® Report for DDoS Protection

In five additional reports—Enterprise Grid® Report for Load Balancing, Small-Business Grid® Report for Load Balancing, Grid® Report for Web Application Firewall (WAF), Mid-Market Grid® Report for Web Application Firewall (WAF), and Grid® Report for API Management—G2 recognized HAProxy as a high performer.

Technology Leadership and Maturity
The release of G2's Summer 2023 Reports follows the launch of HAProxy 2.8, which builds upon HAProxy's performance, flexibility, and customization—attributes that proved to be important drivers of HAProxy's success on G2. One reviewer from a mid-market enterprise said, "We use it as a load balancer in a lot of different situations: internal services, K8S, public facing services, etc. Literally a swiss army knife of proxying / load balancing."

HAProxy Enterprise 2.8 is due to release this fall and will incorporate the new features and enhancements of HAProxy 2.8 with HAProxy Enterprise's premium support, security modules, and HAProxy Fusion's centralized management, monitoring, and automation. An enterprise reviewer said, "The maturity of the entire ecosystem is unparalleled."

HAProxy's Competitive Advantage and Award-Winning Customer Experience
The volume and positive sentiment of user reviews, and the results of G2's Summer 2023 Reports, demonstrate the growing leadership of HAProxy Technologies in the application delivery market and the enduring value that DevOps and other IT professionals recognize when using HAProxy products and services.

"[HAProxy] puts to shame most 'appliance load balancer solutions' which end up being not only much more expensive but also less flexible," noted a new G2 reviewer from a mid-market telecommunications business.

G2 also recognized HAProxy with badges for "Best Results", "Best Relationship", and "Users Most Likely To Recommend" for Load Balancing, Web Application Firewall, and DDoS Protection. HAProxy Technologies is proud to receive these awards because they recognize our unique approach to customer experience.

HAProxy Technologies provides enterprise customers with direct access to our world-class engineers who share their deep and authoritative expertise to build understanding, simplify application delivery, and drive successful outcomes. "Their support has been fantastic and some of the best support we have across our product stack," noted a CTO at a mid-market enterprise in another new review.

The feedback we receive from customers supports this sentiment. Criteo, an ad agency serving millions of requests per second, noted in a case study that "having the ability to talk directly to people from HAProxy Technologies is a big advantage."

HAProxy Powering Next-Level Enterprise Scale
The G2 reports show that HAProxy is the clear choice for enterprises that need the utmost performance, observability, and security at scale and in any environment. "HAProxy has enabled us to scale web applications with ease," said an Infrastructure and Security Manager at a mid-market enterprise. Another reviewer in computer and network security told G2, "I am using HAProxy in production for serving millions of requests monthly and I love the product. The ease of configurability and scalability and how lightweight HAProxy is is a game changer."

Continued success in G2's ranking reflects HAProxy Technologies' momentum in the application delivery market, as we help our growing community of customers and open source enthusiasts to deliver innovative and robust applications at next-level enterprise scale. For more customer use cases, watch the user presentations from HAProxyConf 2022.

Meet HAProxy Technologies at Black Hat USA
Discover more about HAProxy Technologies and meet us in person by visiting booth #1287 in Business Hall A at Black Hat USA on August 9-10. To try HAProxy's award-winning and market-leading solutions for yourself, book a demo or request a trial.

Highlights from verified customer feedback on the G2 platform: HAProxy Reviews.

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