Appfleet - an edge cloud platform for improving the efficiency of business processes - launched

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Appfleet - an edge cloud platform for improving the efficiency of business processes - launched

appfleet is at it’s core a dynamic CDN (Content Delivery Network), a system for delivering content from multiple data centers and points of presence to end users, designed to run containers, and at the same time a simple alternative to the market-leading Kubernetes platform. It enables and facilitates the deployment and management of Docker containers in multiple locations simultaneously. Thanks to the platform, it becomes simple and trivial to handle the complex process of configuration, synchronizing, deployment and balancing of network traffic for web applications.

appfleet is an edge platform that hosts dynamic business services around the world so that they are closer to their users. In the appfleet model, the full code base "lives on the edge", reducing latency and improving performance. The performance of appfleet is better than that of FaaS serverless products and at the same time it eliminates all their limitations. With this platform you can, for example, use any programming language and get full access to the networking layer, which allows you to run applications on any ports and protocols. Example use cases include DNS servers, distributed databases, custom CDN, etc.

appfleet allows users to deploy globally routed applications, using an hourly pay-as-you-go billing system.

The company is launching with a network of 5 data centers around the world with plans to expand to over 40 locations in the near future

The appfleet platform will also be a good solution for companies that were surprised by the need for remote work. It can be used to deploy the company's resources in the region where their employees live, to be closer to them. Such a platform allows to reduce latency and lag while improving the efficiency of business processes. In a situation where a company has employees scattered all over the world, on different continents, the resources can be deployed and used in many regions. This could be, for example, a private encrypted corporate chat or conference service - says Dmitriy Akulov, appfleet founder

How does it work?

All you have to do is to provide the image of the docker container and the regions where you want to deploy and host it. The system will create a cluster, monitor the configuration and intelligently route the traffic, while providing high availability and failure-free services.

All with a simple user interface supplemented with detailed tutorials and guides as well as live chat support for all customers.

The appfleet operation can be seen in the video:

Main website:


appfleet is an easy-to-use managed platform for deploying Docker containers in multiple locations simultaneously and handles the complexity of synchronizing configuration, deployment and traffic load balancing. appfleet offers many advanced features packed into an easy-to-use user interface, complemented by detailed tutorials, guides and support for all customers. appfleet has a global network of 5 data centers, guaranteeing hosting close to users for the best possible service.