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In today's digital landscape, businesses rely heavily on various online operations to deliver services, communicate with customers, and maintain a competitive edge. Behind the scenes, cron jobs play a pivotal role in automating critical processes such as data backups, report generation, and system maintenance. However, ensuring the reliability of these cron jobs is often overlooked until a disruption occurs.
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Without a doubt, website owners in 2020 have had to reassess the speed of their websites and probably more critically than any other year. Yes, the stay at home directive in force around the world due to COVID-19 concerns made a lot of people gravitate more towards the use of the internet. During the lockdown, people from all over the world tended to spend a tremendous amount of time visiting various websites for both business and entertainment.
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Have you ever visited a website and be extremely frustrated by the amount of time it takes to load the landing page, let alone the other pages on the site like the "About us" and "Contact" page? Well, if your answer to this question is yes, then know now that you are not alone in experiencing slow loading sites.
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A website downtime for any online business can be a time of great concern, anxiety, stress, and panic. So many questions will go through the mind of the website owner, such as; A website downtime is indeed a nervy period for any online business, but most especially for small and medium scale businesses still trying to find their feet in a highly competitive and unforgiving business environment.
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May 31, 2020, WebGazer Team We are living in a highly competitive world. One where many businesses leverage on the internet to get ahead of their competitors. Having a beautifully constructed website with rich SEO content is one way to drive traffic to your site and business. But just having a website is not enough. As a matter of fact, a website could do more harm to your business than good.
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SSL is considered as the foundation for keeping the Internet secure. It is also one of the methods commonly used to protect sensitive data as it is transmitted throughout the world. In addition, SSL is crucial if you want to keep your website safe regardless if it doesn’t utilize sensitive data like credit card information, location, and address. The standard can provide privacy, security, and data protection for your clients’ personal information and your website.
  |  By Burak Yildirim
I've been working at WebGazer for seven months. For every day I spend in this business, I feel like I'm trying to run on a tightrope. Since our job is website monitoring, I see the similar downtime tragedies every day. I was reading some old downtime stories like "Amazon has lost $3.75 million in only 20 minutes!". Then, I decided to make a research about some possible downtime tragedies might happen.
  |  By Miray Bildik
As you know, B2B marketing refers to the techniques and practices used by companies to sell their product or services to other organizations and businesses rather than individuals. The most essential thing in B2B marketing is to reach out to the right customers and influence them to purchase. However, in achieving this, there are some pitfalls you would want to avoid.
  |  By Miray Bildik
You've got this month’s salary, and now it is time for shopping! You’re surfing in the Amazon, here are the earphones that you wanted to buy for a long time. You added it to cart. What a coincidence! There is a discount option with a coupon for this product. This must have made you happy as everyone loves discounts!
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Humankind was made to desire success. Everybody wants to be successful. Everybody wants to see successful results of their work. Same at work when you are on a project, same at home when you are trying to make a delicious meal. And the most satisfying feeling afterwards is when you get appreciated, which always is not the case at first couple of trials.

We help you keep your business running. WebGazer checks if your website is up as it should be and notifies you if anything goes wrong.

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  • Gorgeous status pages: Review uptime and performance statistics yourself or share with your audience.
  • Simplicity at its finest: Monitor your site, get downtime alerts, no unneeded hassle.
  • Customizable client configuration: Monitor custom API interactions by configuring request method, header and data.
  • No false positives: Do not get your time wasted with wrong alerts. WebGazer validates incidents with multiple gazes.
  • SSL monitoring: Secure your users' data ensuring your SSL certificate is valid.
  • No installation required: Monitor your website without any effort on your end. Enter website address and start right away.

We know that feeling when a website is down. But it happens, even to the best of us. WebGazer monitors your website and notifies you when it goes down.