Paris, France
  |  By OpsGenie Team
Announcing the following new integrations: Salesforce Service Cloud, Updown.io, Splunk IT Service Intelligence integration

updown.io is a HTTP monitoring solution with a clean UI and cheap and simple pricing. It notifies you of downtimes by email or SMS and provides a public status page you can share.

Simple & Inexpensive Website Monitoring:

  • Fast Checks: You can set the check frequency down to every 15s.
  • Slack Integration: We can send alerts to slack, email addresses and/or phones (SMS).
  • Hosted Status Pages: Provides multilingual availability & performance reports.
  • Double-Check: Downtimes are confirmed from multiple locations (8 total).
  • REST API & Webhooks: Hack and integrate updown.io with the REST & WebHook APIs.
  • Text Search: Match the presence of a string instead of the regular HTTP status.
  • SSL Testing: Receive alerts in case of invalid or expiring soon certificate.

You only pay for what you use, request by request. 1 credit = 1 request.