Jul 5, 2018
Mountain View, CA, USA
Dec 13, 2018   |  By Shannon Winter
Statuspage customers logged more than 194 years of collective incidents in 2018. That’s a whopping 87% increase from the 104 years logged in 2017, and we aren’t even through December yet.
Nov 26, 2018   |  By Shannon Winter
Downtime happens. That’s a fact, and it’s nearly impossible to predict. But there are some days when the chances of downtime are higher. Maybe it’s higher-than-normal website traffic, or increased app sign-ups. When planned high-traffic days are on the horizon, it’s a good idea to spend some extra time preparing for the worst.
Oct 30, 2018   |  By Atlassian
As Symantec’s Principal ITSM Solutions Engineer, I was tasked 2 years ago with finding a way to quickly and effectively communicate incidents with our customers after a 4-day outage left our customers in the dark. I found Statuspage and knew it was the right tool for the job, offering a single place to send real-time updates to our customers across various channels (email, SMS, Twitter, etc.)
Oct 2, 2018   |  By Shannon Winter
You’ve created a status page that reflects your brand’s look and feel, now let it shine through subscriber emails, too! Email customization is one of our most requested features, so we’re thrilled to announce that it’s now live for all Statuspage customers.
Aug 15, 2018   |  By Shannon Winter
We caught up with three Statuspage customers to learn how their teams come together for awesome incident response. Want to learn from more incident response teams or submit your own tips and stories for us to feature? Head over to our new HugOps hub.
Sep 4, 2018   |  By Atlassian
At eBay, we believe collaboration and communication are key to achieving our company goals. Come to this lightning talk to learn how we improved communication inside eBay using Statuspage as the main tool to announce maintenance and inform employees about incidents. This session will present Statuspage best practices to drastically reduce the amount of emails, Slack messages, and phone calls when things inevitably go wrong.
Mar 13, 2018   |  By Atlassian
Watch this video for a quick introduction to StatusPage, how it can help you communicate with your users during downtime, and learn how to get started.
Feb 22, 2018   |  By Atlassian
DigitalOcean is a cloud infrastructure provider with users and data centers around the world. The DigitalOcean customer support team works to ensure its community of users have the right information about service upgrades at all times. Learn how they manage downtime and incident communication with Statuspage.
Feb 21, 2018   |  By Atlassian
Dropbox is a cloud file hosting company with more than 500 million users. The Dropbox team puts a lot of work into making sure its services are up and available around the clock. At the same time, they recognize that occasional interruptions to service are inevitable and leaving users is not acceptable. The Dropbox team uses Statuspage to keep users informed about downtime and incident communication.
Aug 2, 2017   |  By Atlassian
Learn why Intercom chose StatusPage as their go-to status page solution and what features they love the most.