Bergschenhoek, Netherlands
  |  By Spectate
We're excited to announce our brand-new affiliate program. Make money by referring users to Spectate and earn a 25% commission, lifetime! Once the user you referred has subscribed to a paid plan, you will earn 25% of their monthly revenue on Spectate, for a lifetime!.
  |  By Bjarn Bronsveld
We're excited to announce that starting today, Spectate is free to use. With our free Hobby plan, we're aiming to be more accessible to hobby and freelance developers and system administrators. It allows you to become even more familiar with Spectate and the variety of features it offers such as uptime monitoring, domain monitoring and status pages - all for free!
  |  By Spectate
It's official, Spectate is live and has been launched on Product Hunt! I am super excited to introduce you to Spectate, our all-in-one platform for monitoring, alerting, incident management, and status pages. Spectate started as an internal tool to satisfy our monitoring and alerting needs, but it has grown into a complete platform with the help of AI automation. This means your team can focus on what's important - getting issues resolved.
  |  By Bjarn Bronsveld
Since September, Spectate was free to use during the technical preview and later open beta phase. During this time, we have received immensely valuable feedback from all of you. Listening to feedback is something we'll never stop doing - as it makes Spectate even better bit by bit. First, let's talk about pricing. It's very hard to get this right, but we have decided on the following plans: The exact differences in features and limitations are listed on our pricing page.
  |  By Bjarn Bronsveld
We are thrilled to announce the public beta of Spectate, a next-gen monitoring and incident management platform. Initially built as an internal tool, Spectate has now been expanded to enable public use. Spectate allows you to monitor your websites, manage incidents and create elegant branded status pages. With Spectate, you can set up custom alerts and notifications that keep you informed about any issues, helping you to identify and address problems quickly with the help of our Incident AI.

Sleep better at night knowing your website is up and running and save time with AI-powered status updates and incident resolutions to get to the core of any issue instantly.

Your final monitoring and incident management solution:

  • 30-seconds checks: Get notified of downtime twice as fast as with traditional monitoring.
  • Countless integrations: Receive notifications on Slack, Pushover or even offline via SMS or voice calls.
  • Incident AI: Automatic status updates and incident resolutions powered by A.I.
  • Global performance monitoring: Monitor your website from 4+ locations around the world and more being added soon.
  • Elegant status pages: Customize your status page with your own logo, colors, and more.

Solve downtime in minutes. Not hours.