West Sussex, UK
  |  By Robert Rawlins
Some simple tips on how to respond better to a crisis, both for the benefit of your customers and your business.

Supporting Downtime Heroes in over 400 cities across the globe:

  • Provide Openness with Sorry™: A beautifully simple status page will become the home for your transparent status updates.

  • Prevent Stress by Reaching Out: Engage people with ongoing stories wherever they are in the world, without them leaving their browser, inbox, twitter or slack.

  • Handle Evil Errors with a Friendly Error Page: A way forward for when the bad guys are in town, keeping people at rest.

We want to build a platform which is available to everyone - it's why our pricing structure allows everyone to use all of our features, it's why our status page theming gives you complete code control and it's why we open-source as many components as possible.