Gignac-la-Nerthe, France
  |  By Thomas P
How to monitor thousand of endpoints every minute.
  |  By Thomas P
Why creating another monitoring service when there are new monitoring services every day?

Identify underperforming deployments by monitoring your application speed and behaviors.

Quickly identify which of your web services are underperforming in terms of speed and availability with our detailed performance reports. Easily compare one release to another and identify changes in app behavior and performance impact. Split application checks with deployment probes by domains, and fork it to create a new domain. Be the first to be alerted as soon as an anomaly is detected via various alert channels (email, Slack, webhook, etc.).


  • Monitoring tool: Check your application response time, Apdex and their behaviors.
  • Release monitoring: Track your application deployments and measure their impact.
  • Status page: Beautiful and simple status page for your app.
  • Powerful alerts: Be the first to be alerted as soon as an anomaly is detected.

Website monitoring made easy!