Be the first to know about your website issues before your customers do with real-time website monitoring combined with instant alerts via email, Slack, Webhooks or SMS.

Advanced Features:

  • Api monitoring: Fully customizable API monitoring setup with custom request body, headers, and parameters.
  • Public Status page: Display a public status page on your site or in-office mounted TV, hosted on your company domain.
  • Global coverage: Get global latency metrics by running your monitors from multiple data center locations around the world.
  • Alerting channels: Generous SMS bundles & unlimited recipients / endpoints for email, webhooks and Slack alerting integrations.
  • Team & users: Add team members to your account to collaborate. Comes with full role based access control.
  • SSL expiry alerting: We will notify you when your SSL certificate is about to expire 7, 10, 30 days or a custom number of days in advance.

Receive instant alerts when downtime occurs and collect performance metrics.