Tokyo, Japan
  |  By LambStatus
v0.6.2 is released! Need HTTP endpoint monitoring? The new guide by @wmnnd describes how to set up serverless HTTP(S) monitoring!

Serverless status page system which enables you to build a status page with minimum effort and cost!

  • Serverless: It eases your pain caused by the scaling / availability issues. It is terrible if your service is down AND heavy traffic from stuck users stops your status page.
  • Just a Few Clicks: Everything to launch the system is written as the code. You can build your status page with a few clicks!
  • Pay-as-you-go: A status page only occasionally gets huge traffic. The system takes $1 per 30,000 visitors and almost $0 if no visitors.
  • Unlimited: No limitations on features and the number of subscribers/team members/metrics!