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February 2022

Shift Left Reliability Meetup February - Retooling your toolkit

Security and reliability have a lot in common. So much in fact, that the tools used for one are often well suited for the other. The only thing you need is the right mindset. In this talk Mika Boström will go over the principles, ideas and share real world examples. You may realise you've been doing both already.

Shift Left Reliability Meetup February - Implementing reliability for a post-pandemic future

Steve Wade will talk about his experiences to date empowering developers and importantly the wider business to care about the reliability of the applications they provide to customers. He will discuss the pillars that make up reliability, along with his hypothesis and results on implementing each of them. Steve will tap into his experiences working in a range of sectors including financial services on how he made companies make changes pre-pandemic, as well as the additional challenges organisations face in the future post pandemic. Steve aims to make sure attendees leave with a toolkit of ideas as well as lessons learnt so you don't make the same assumptions he did.