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November 2016

The Met Office - Manager of Managers - a Video Case Study

A 5-minute video featuring Hilary Palmer, manager of the Met Office’s Service and System Monitoring team and technical lead, Eddy Hemmings. Across the world, every single day, people make decisions based on the weather. The Met Office produces over 4 million forecasts every day; providing weather and climate forecasts to help with those decisions - to enable protection, well-being and support the economy. The Met Office’s Service and System Monitoring Team provide the organisation with real time monitoring of application, data and infrastructure components that are vital to the delivery of Met Office services to their customers. IT staff within the Operations Centre, need to have visibility in to the events that occur in their environment, knowing how and when to deal with these events and be able to act proactively and quickly. The consolidated view the Manager of Managers (MOM) provides facilitates this - in a single pane of glass. Without it failures may occur that bring the business to a halt.