Talking Shipa Feb 4 2021 4

Talking Shipa Feb 4 2021 4

Feb 13, 2021

What is Shipa?...(1:26)
Shipa overview video:

Shipa is excited to launch our new webcast series, Talking Shipa. To kick this series off, we sat down with Shipa Founder and CEO, Bruno Andrade, to discuss the release of Shipa Application Management Framework for Kubernetes, version 1.2.

In this video, Bruno spends a few minutes with us to talk about the new features and improvements that are packed into this new release.

Version 1.2 includes quite a few new features and improvements, but the items we focus on with Bruno include:

Improvements to:

  • Multi-cluster incl. AKS, EKS, OKE, GKE, IKS & OpenShift...(3:15)
  • Multi-tenancy – improved detailed multi tenancy model...(3:15)

New features including:

  • Application Observability...(5:26)
  • Network Policies Map...(9:40)
  • Integration with Istio – incl. canary rollouts...(9:40)
  • Vault integration...(13:00)
  • Integration with Private Registries – incl. JFrog...(14:20)

Get started with Shipa:

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