London, UK
  |  By Eric L. Barnes
Built specifically for Laravel, Understand.io is a very powerful tool used by hundreds of developers to stay on top of their application’s health. In addition to performing live search and analysis on your log data, you can also set up custom alerts. Alerts can be used to automatically send a variety of notifications via email, Slack or a webhook when something important takes place in your application.
  |  By Eric L. Barnes
Applications logs are a critical factor in helping ensure that your online applications are running at their best. By using Understand.io you can get deep visibility into your applications in real-time, helping you to easily track down error messages, application requests, customer problems, and much more.
  |  By Eric L. Barnes
Understand.io is an online event and log management system which enables you to release immense value from log data that you already collect. You can get complete application visibility in real-time, helping you to track down error messages, application requests, customer problems, and much more.

Error Tracking and Log Management for Laravel. Get complete visibility into your Laravel applications in real-time.

Used by hundreds of Laravel developers to help monitor and fix errors:

  • Built For Laravel: We're tuned to work especially well with Laravel. Get started in seconds with our Laravel service provider.
  • Find and Fix Errors: Monitor and track errors in real time to pinpoint and immediately fix the root cause of problems.
  • Deep Insight: Unparallelled insight and analysis into your application, including stack trace and code highlighting.
  • Powerful search: Use our powerful search interface to quickly and easily get visibility on your exceptions, errors and events.
  • Anomaly Detection: We'll automatically spot unexpected patterns and unusual activity, so you can fix issues immediately.
  • Automatic Alerts: Receive automatic alerts via email, chat or webhook to integrate into your app or existing workflow.

Understand helps you to quickly find and fix errors so that your Laravel applications are running at their best, helping you to keep your users happy!