Palo Alto, CA, USA
  |  By Carlos
StackStorm v3.8.0 has been released. It comes with two critical security patches, new core features and enhancements, web ui updates, and lots of bug fixes.
  |  By Bitovi, a StackStorm partner.
StackStorm is a powerful automation engine, but has a lot of moving pieces, configuration details, corner cases, and a steep learning curve. Many compare st2 with K8s and, indeed, you can spend weeks stitching things together to make the StackStorm installation and configuration pipeline fit your specific needs. Then you start benefiting from automation!
The StackStorm team is preparing the v3.8 release, and we'd like to highlight some new features and enhancements that are coming up in the Web UI.
  |  By Jacob Floyd
StackStorm v3.7.0 has been released thanks to the hard work from StackStorm volunteers and our community at large! We’re very proud to have such an engaged and active community who keep coming up with new ideas to improve the StackStorm experience.
  |  By Amanda McGuinness
Coming up in StackStorm 3.7.0 is a new feature that allows administrators of a StackStorm installation to “override” the default resource status that was specified by the pack owners. One of the benefits of StackStorm is the large variety of packs available on the StackStorm Exchange. But sometimes, users may not want the default content status provided by the community packs. We’re introducing a new feature into StackStorm 3.7.0 to make this easier to manage.
  |  By Eugen Cusmaunsa
2021 is coming to its end. It’s a nice tradition to remember and recap how the year was for StackStorm. Let’s celebrate some great things that happened around the project.
  |  By Marcel Weinberg and Aaron Jonen
The new maintenance and security update v3.6.0 has been released! StackStorm v3.6.0 comes with an important security fix and great improvements for developers and users. See below, for further information on what’s included in the release.
  |  By Eugen Cusmaunsa
StackStorm, an open-source event-driven automation platform, hosted under the Linux Foundation governance is glad to announce the partnership with to deliver the deb/rpm packages to its diverse user community.
  |  By StackStorm Team
Earlier this year StackStorm established a partnership program with some first partners that supported StackStorm in its Open Source journey when the project joined the Linux Foundation. The Partners Program was created to recognize companies and organizations that provide ongoing assistance to the StackStorm Open Source project. Because of the substantial support provided by these partners, we have been able to expand and improve StackStorm.
June 29, 2021 by Amanda McGuinness of Ammeon Solutions and Marcel Weinberg It has been nearly 4 months since our previous v3.4.0 release and we’re super excited about this one! With Ubuntu 16.04 reaching end-of-life, we are pleased to announce support for Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal Fossa). We have also included lots of performance improvements in v3.5.0. See below, for further information on what’s included in the release.
  |  By StackStorm
Learn about StackStorm actions
  |  By StackStorm
Learn about StackStorm rules configuration
  |  By StackStorm
Learn about StackStorm workflows
  |  By StackStorm
Learn more about StackStorm actions
  |  By StackStorm
Learn about StackStorm Exchange
  |  By StackStorm
Curious about the basics of StackStorm and how it works? This is the place to start.
  |  By StackStorm
Demo showing how to run PerfSonar tests between Extreme SLX switches, triggering tests from Slack.
  |  By StackStorm
Demo showing the use of StackStorm, SLX and CloudShark to simplify packet capture and analysis.
  |  By StackStorm
The demo was shown on SC17, "Genomic Computation at Scale with Serverless, StackStorm and Docker Swarm".
  |  By StackStorm
The demo was shown on SC17, "Genomic Computation at Scale with Serverless, StackStorm and Docker Swarm".

StackStorm is an emerging leader of the third wave of operations automation. Built from the ground up with DevOps in mind, StackStorm’s vision is a world of self-driving data centers that learn over time how to better operate themselves.

StackStorm solutions leverage existing configuration management and monitoring solutions to deliver automation that safely ties together today's loosely coupled, heterogeneous, ever changing cloud infrastructures.

Stackstorm can be used to automate and streamline nearly any part of your business. Here are some of the most common applications:

  • Automated Remediation: When failures happen, StackStorm can act as Tier 1 support: It troubleshoots, fixes known problems, and escalates to humans when needed.
  • Continuous Deployment: Continuous deployment can get complex, beyond Jenkins or other specialized opinionated tools. Automate advanced CI/CD pipelines your way.
  • ChatOps Optimization: ChatOps brings automation and collaboration together; transforming devops teams to get things done better, faster, and with style.
  • Automated Security Response: Security issues are serious and need to be addressed quickly. Stackstorm can ensure that your response is consistent, always on, and faster than ever.

StackStorm also offers advanced automation, letting you create complex workflows to automate your world.