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  |  By Alexandre Strzelewicz
As Winter is coming, we wanted to keep your application warm (up) with these new PM2 Runtime features.
  |  By Alexandre Strzelewicz
PM2 is a production-grade process manager that makes management of background process easy. In the Python world we could compare PM2 to Supervisord, but PM2 has some nifty features you might like. With PM2, rolling restarts, monitoring, checking logs and even deploying application has never been that simple. We really value CLI UX, so PM2 is really simple to use and master.
  |  By Alexandre Strzelewicz
I would like to start by a big THANK YOU, to all PM2 users, contributors, customers, to my team and to the whole Node.js family. Without you, we wouldn't have built such a tool that helps thousands of businesses run their Node.js apps confidently. I deeply love Node.js and I'm still strong on my belief that Node.js is the de facto modern back-end language which increases the productivity of so many businesses, startups, innovators and hackers.
  |  By Alexandre Strzelewicz
5 years. It's been an amazing journey to build Keymetrics and PM2 through the last 5 years. I've started to create PM2 when Node.js was at the beginning of its fame, then Keymetrics was built a year after. I would like to say THANK YOU, to all of you, users, customers, teammates, maintainers, contributors for having made these softwares reach this height.
  |  By Shubham Sharma
NVM (Node Version Manager) is a great tool that enables the user to switch beetween differents versions of Node.js. Here's a quick introduction on how to install, use it and take advantage of all its features.
  |  By Shubham Sharma
We announced it at NodeJS paris meetup (here are the slides) and we did it! For the release of PM2 0.9.x, a new awesome and simple feature will make your life much easier.
  |  By Shubham Sharma
As you would probably know, Node.js is a platform built on Chrome's JavaScript runtime, gracefully named V8. The V8 engine, and hence Node.js, runs in a single-threaded way, therefore, doesn't take advantage of multi-core systems capabilities.
  |  By Shubham Sharma
As you already know, PM2 is a production process manager. In this post I will show you how and why PM2 is best fit to deploy microservices-oriented applications.
  |  By Livestorm
Keymetrics is a Node.js app monitoring solution. Keymetrics is based on their own open-source technology called PM2. Join us to learn more about Keymetrics and understand better how they make the life of thousands of developers everyday.
  |  By Keymetrics
Demonstration of the powerful transaction tracing available on Keymetrics.
  |  By Wiredcraft
Alexandre Strzelewicz from Keymetrics presents "PM2 and" at the JS Conf China in July 2015.

The PM2 toolsuite allows developers, SMB and Enterprises to adopt Node.js confidently. With Over 50 million downloads, PM2 Runtime is today the most used production process manager for Node.js.

Monitoring apps in production is a very important and critical part in any application development. This is how PM2 helps getting the most out of Node.js.

The PM2 team has developed, as a commercial SaaS, a real-time monitoring solution that provides enterprises with analytics to monitor reliability, performance and even scale web applications.

The team also built one of the most popular Open Source process managers, PM2, which has been downloaded more than 20 million times and used by thousands of enterprises like PayPal and Intuit.