Nov 5, 2018

Instrumental is an application and infrastructure monitoring service for large scale web and mobile apps. We go beyond basic hardware, server and performance monitoring. If it moves, our customizable metrics can graph it, and our powerful query language will help you analyze your data.

Has your application performance slowed? Did that API you rely on stop working? Does that new feature use up too much CPU? Full stack monitoring lets you visualize and correlate the performance of your application and your infrastructure.

Instrumental helps you get real answers to complex questions about your software - from the code up:

  • Explore the Features: Transform, aggregate and time-shift data to get the perfect visualization.
  • Purposeful Design: Our interface sets us apart and it's no accident.
  • Built to Share: Sharing knowledge is as critical as having knowledge in the first place.
  • Intelligent Alerts: Setup alerts to respond to issues when, or even before, they occur.

Some of the biggest companies on the web rely on Instrumental to help scale their applications, monitor server performance, and ensure their services are working exactly as intended.

Feb 15, 2017   |  By Instrumental Team
We’ve updated Instrumental’s pricing to be fully metered and we replaced our 30-day trial with an entirely free Development Plan. While Instrumental’s pricing has been usage-based for a long time, this new model eliminates our plans and minimum spend requirements. With no minimum monthly spend, Instrumental is now a much better fit for smaller projects.
Feb 8, 2017   |  By Chris Zelenak
Instrumental receives a lot of raw data, upwards of 1,000,000 metrics per second. Because of this, we’ve always used an event queue to aggregate the data before we permanently store it. Before switching to AWS Kinesis, this aggregation was based on many processes writing to AWS Simple Queue Service (SQS) with a one-at-a-time reader that would aggregate data, then push it into another SQS queue, where multiple readers would store the data in MongoDB.
Dec 6, 2016   |  By Joel Meador
We’re excited to announce two improvements to Instrumental that’ll make it easier to understand the context of your application and server monitoring graphs.
Nov 30, 2016   |  By Nathan Acuff
Instrumental is a key piece of infrastructure for many businesses, including Instrumental! We put significant effort into making sure that Instrumental customers can rely on us to be accurate, available, and consistent, but no system is perfect.
Oct 19, 2016   |  By James Paden
Confused about the price of an application and server monitoring tool? So were we! Every tool is priced differently and there are a lot of nuances. We’ll walk you through important terminology differences, the pros and cons of different plans, and then discuss the pricing details for Librato, New Relic, SignalFX, Datadog, and of course, Instrumental.