Indianapolis, IN, USA

Instrumental is an application and infrastructure monitoring service for large scale web and mobile apps. We go beyond basic hardware, server and performance monitoring. If it moves, our customizable metrics can graph it, and our powerful query language will help you analyze your data.

Has your application performance slowed? Did that API you rely on stop working? Does that new feature use up too much CPU? Full stack monitoring lets you visualize and correlate the performance of your application and your infrastructure.

Instrumental helps you get real answers to complex questions about your software - from the code up:

  • Explore the Features: Transform, aggregate and time-shift data to get the perfect visualization.
  • Purposeful Design: Our interface sets us apart and it's no accident.
  • Built to Share: Sharing knowledge is as critical as having knowledge in the first place.
  • Intelligent Alerts: Setup alerts to respond to issues when, or even before, they occur.

Some of the biggest companies on the web rely on Instrumental to help scale their applications, monitor server performance, and ensure their services are working exactly as intended.