Nov 15, 2018
Valmiera, Latvia
Feb 4, 2019   |  By
If your Healthchecks account is growing and is getting a little hard to manage, has a new feature for you: Projects. Use Projects to organize your monitoring dashboards, to have finer-grained team and API access controls, and to simplify your check-integration mapping.
Oct 26, 2018   |  By
I’ve been receiving multiple user reports that Gmail shows a red “This message seems dangerous” banner above some of the emails sent by I’ve even seen some myself.
Aug 24, 2018   |  By
First, a TL;DR: on how much money I’m making. has around 90 paying customers, and the monthly revenue is a little above $700/mo. The bulk of that goes back into running costs.
Jun 6, 2017   |  By
In this article I will look at the current hosting setup of, how it has evolved during the past two years, and what challenges I faced running this small but lively service.
Dec 27, 2016   |  By
Cron expression support has been the most requested feature, since the launch of Long story short, it’s been implemented and is ready to use! You can now set up a time-based schedule for your checks, using the exact same syntax you use in crontab files.