Unified Network Monitoring for Business Excellence

As the technology advances rapidly, enterprises are inundated with increased users, access requests and gigantic data sets that slows system and critical decision-making processes related to Network Monitoring and Application Monitoring. Motadata provides a unified platform that allows you full control over IT infrastructure with visualization.

Reliable free website monitoring from Uptrends

We stand by our commitment to making the Internet a better place, so we are excited to bring you Uptrends Free! We are putting quality uptime, performance monitoring, and alerts in the hands of everyone that cares about making sure their site remains available for all. You never need to worry again about site outages going unnoticed with Uptrends Free. Here is what you get.


Operational Intelligence for Google Cloud Platform - Now Natively with SignalFx

Google Cloud Platform is rapidly becoming an integral part of the evolving cloud landscape. GCP is continually adding new services and enhancing existing ones, establishing leadership in areas such as machine learning, and attracting both businesses making their first move to the cloud as well as those pursuing a multi-cloud strategy.

goliath technologies

Technical Review: Examining Goliath's Early Warning System for Citrix, VMware, & RDS

The Goliath Application Availability Monitor is an industry-first software that provides organizations of all sizes with an early warning system, alerting IT administrators of access and performance issues with business-critical applications before their end users ever attempt to logon. IT professionals everywhere can now receive customizable alert notifications and warnings to exact failure points in the workflow for desktop virtualization platforms like Citrix, VMware or RDS.


Ruby logging best practices and tips

Ruby is an opinionated language with inbuilt Ruby logging options that will serve the needs of small and basic applications. Whilst there are fewer alternatives to these than say, the JavaScript world, there are a handful, and in this post, I will highlight those that are active (based on age and commit activity) and help you figure out the options for logging your Ruby (and Rails applications).


API Security: It's More than Web Security

Since the advent of smartphones over a decade ago, enterprises and internet companies have focused on building apps to reach customers and to provide a richer, interactive experience. This shift to apps has also impacted threats to the enterprise with bots and malicious actors shifting from attacking web sites to attacking public APIs.