Understanding Serverless Application Behavior with Thundra

The world is fighting with COVID-19 relentlessly and these days showed me that pandemics will continue causing problems even after we beat this one. The lesson learned from those bad days is that software plays and will play a crucial role in combating the next insane problem that human beings will face. Serverless paradigm is our hope to deliver modern, fast, reliable and robust applications for many reasons such as ultimate scalability, easiness to build something from scratch.


Introduction to Azure Functions 3.0

Azure Functions has recently released its new version “Azure Functions 3.0” and it is generally available now. This blog is all about the upgraded version and how far it is scaled up from the previous versions. Any business architecture will involve Azure Functions, this need provokes the necessity of upgradation in such resources.


Serverless Continuous Integration in the era of parallelism

As a team that does pure serverless, we place a lot of emphasis on fast deployments. Lately, though, as our codebase has gotten larger, and the number of interactions between the microservices has increased, we have come up against the classic problem of excessively long test execution times in our serverless continuous integration.


Tracking the KPIs of Unique Traces

Thanks to the continuous innovation in delivering event-driven distributed architectures, application-level services that used to be one monolith application are now composed of many serverless applications on AWS Lambda and/or AWS Fargate. Checking up on the health of a single application can only give limited visibility, and doesn’t bring understanding about the health and behavior of a distributed application. Developers/DevOps should have a more holistic way of understanding system behavior.

When/Why/How to Debug Serverless Applications in AWS

Since its inception, the most pronounced problem for serverless has always been debugging it natively. Abstracting away the cloud platform freed up the time to manage the runtime environment but it also took away the opportunity to debug the application from their IDE. There are various attempts to address this need in the industry. The most recent update by Thundra makes it possible to debug AWS Lambda functions on popular IDEs while Lambdas are running in their native environment.

Deploying a Serverless Express REST API in 10 minutes

If you are a Node.js developer or you’ve built an API with Node.js, there’s a good chance you have used Express.js. Express is one of the most popular Node.js frameworks. It provides lightweight, powerful tools for HTTP servers. It’s a great framework for single-page apps, websites, hybrids, or public HTTP APIs.