Infrastructure Engineering in a Hyper-Growth Environment

Bitrise, the CI/CD Saas scale-up with multiple offices around the globe, keeps growing: we are looking for our new colleagues, especially for our Infrastructure team. Gergely “Felhő” Hodicska (VP of Engineering) and Artúr Herczeg (Engineering Manager) share their insights about the company, the Infra team, and its challenges.


Monitor Jenkins jobs with Datadog

Jenkins is an open source, Java-based continuous integration server that helps organizations build, test, and deploy projects automatically. Jenkins is widely used, having been adopted by organizations like GitHub, Etsy, LinkedIn, and Datadog. You can set up Jenkins to test and deploy your software projects every time you commit changes, to trigger new builds upon successful completion of other builds, and to run jobs on a regular schedule.


Block Security Vulnerabilities from Entering Your Code

As continuous software deployments grow and become the accepted standard, security measures gain even more importance. From development and all the way through to production, security requirements should be adopted by all teams in an organization. JFrog IDE integrations provide security and compliance intelligence to the developer right from within their IDE.


What are the characteristics of a Mobile DevOps environment?

Shipping the right app with the right functionalities to the right customer, at the right time is how you boost your ranking in the app store. Some of the key steps in this process are: continuously releasing high-quality software, listening to feedback, and providing new features to users — before they even know that they want them. To achieve all of this, app developers need two main things: automation tools and a growth mindset.


The art of shipping and monitoring software with speed and confidence

Software teams are under increasing pressure to ship code faster than ever before, but without the right workflow and tools in place, this can introduce unnecessary risk and headache. We wanted to share how to configure deployments, identify issues, and track performance gains using tools and process to get the best results and enable you to ship software with speed and confidence. The tools we will be using in today’s example include Jenkins, Octopus, and Raygun.